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Sinfonia CE1 8x10/8x12 Printer
Sinfonia's compact 8x10 and 8x12 printer

Our price: $995.00
List price: $1,599.00 save 38%
DNP DS40 Dye Sub Printer

Our price: $995.00
List price: $1,295.00 save 23%
DNP DS80 Dye Sub Printer

Our price: $1,295.00
List price: $1,695.00 save 24%
Fuji Frontier-S DX100
The Frontier-S DX100 is a small high quality Frontier inkjet printer that incorporates 6 colored inks producing up to 360 4x6 prints per hour or 120 8x10 printer per hour at $.42 per 8x10.

Our price: $2,795.00
Shinko Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 (CHC-S6145)
Now available is Shinko Sinfonia newest printer, the CS2. At only 22lbs the CS2 is the lightest printer on the market and is perfect for photographers on the road. For photo booth operations the CS2 can cut a 4x6 into two 2x6 prints in only 11 seconds.

Our price: $699.00
List price: $749.00 save 7%
Sony UP-DR200-Refurbished
 More capacity, more speed, low print cost and a single paper for both matte and glossy prints come to us in the new Sony UP-DR200. And it introduces a paper that is similar in texture to traditional photography paper. It prints in three sizes (4x6, 5x7 and 6x8) in a hurry, knocking out 4x6 prints at a rate of 450 per hour. That's clipping along at a print every 8 seconds, or a 5x7 in about 10.5 seconds. The workhorse also holds 30 percent more prints on a roll, i.e. 700 prints per roll at 4x6. It replaces the UP-DR150.

Our price: $395.00
HiTi P510L Printer
HiTi's low cost event and photobooth printer

Our price: $695.00
List price: $739.00 save 6%